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911-Hands Free Microphone System

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Hands Free Undercover microphone system for two way radios

We manufacture a Hands-Free  microphone system suitable for use with any 2-way radio. This system will make your radio transmissions safer and more  inconspicuous and dramatically reduce the risk of traffic collisions.

In today's world of disregard for police officers coupled with dangerous and litigious hot pursuits, the peace officer needs at least two hands on the steering wheel and continuous communications with the agency.

These units are designed to make safe radio transmissions to the dispatcher with both hands on the wheel and without picking up the hand microphone. The system is ideal for driving in heavy traffic, on hilly roads or in the snow.

The hidden undercover microphone system is invaluable to the detective or drug officer operating the 2-way radio during surveillance.

This system is being used by The F.B.I.,  U.S. Secret Service, California Department of Justice, I.R.S. CID, U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Immigration Service, Califonria Highway Patrol and many other federal, state, and municipal agencies.

Plug and Play operation for a large number of Motorola ,Harris, GE and Kenwood radios. Also available are universal wire in models that can be adapted easily to your particular radio.

Supplied with Noise Canceling, voice frequency response tailored microphone now to reduce wind noise, echo, engine noise and squeaks/rattles that others microphones pick up and amplify.

This system was first designed and patented in 1978. It has gone through multiple revisions and updates. It is superior in design to later copy cat and knock offs that have since invaded the market. We strive to produce the very best product to benefit you, the end user.

Costs begin at $128 a unit. Custom cables and design are no problem, contact us with your requirements.

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