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US Communications - Embedded Antenna Systems

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We can manufacture a solution for most any make or model of vehicle.

911-Antenna CQ Mag Under Bumper Antenna

911 Antenna Dipole Glass Mount

911 Antenna Underbumper Licenseplate antenna

911 antenna patch replacement

Licenseplate front ground plane and antenna wire

911-Embedded Multiband Rod Antenna system kit, Mounts on glass inside on the Windshield Glare band 135-180 Mhz, 380-520 Mhz, 740-950 Mhz available as wideband multiband compatible with Motorola APX 8500 and Harris Multiband Radios or as a multiradio with Antenna Tri-plexer or Di-plexer to seperate signals to seperate radio inputs compatible with APX 7500 mobiles, APX 6500 , APX 4500, Astro Spectra Plus and Astro Spectra

Disguised Bumper Step Antennae System

911-Step Bumper Antenna, 135-185 Mhz 380-520Mhz, 700-800 Mhz 100 watts power capacity , Multiband compatible with Motorola APX8500 mobiles Harris XL-200

Disguised Rear Deck Antenna Multiband Roof Mount System

Disguised Rear Deck Antenna Multiband Roof Mount System (PDF)

licenseplate  rear license plate attachment Licenseplate front ground plane
License Plate Antennae System Layout

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